holly798g (holly798g) wrote in coolstuff_free,

Treasure Trooper!


Hi everyone! I have been doing this site for about a month now and have already earned oer $100!! It really does work--swear! All you do is complete online surveys and your account gets credited each time. Each survey can earn you anywhere from 50cents to $20 dollars. Some require credit cards--but there are TONS that don't. I have not used my card once yet and I have already earned a lot of money!! All you have to do is click the link and get started. Payday is the 15th of each month--so if you hurry you can make some money before the next payday! Also, you can make money off of people that are referred by you also--which can turn into some nice extra cash! You pay for NOTHING it is all free! You can get paid by setting up a paypal account (which is free) or you can also just get sent a check by mail if you prefer! Try it out--I promise it works.


Let me know if you have any questions!!

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