so I'll never be alone.. (jello_gerbil) wrote in coolstuff_free,
so I'll never be alone..

A freebie for dog owners!

A freebie for dog owners!:
(Greenies are an edible green dog bone that is healthy for your pet and also cleans it's teeth.. they are also pretty expensive and dogs go CRAZY for them)

If anybody wants a free greenie, all you have to do is give me your name and email address and you will get a referral from me. Then you fill in your dogs name and weight so the appropriate size can be sent to you.

This is all done through (run by the same people who made Greenies). If I make 10 referrals, I get a free 16oz bag. You will also receive coupons with your free greenie. (You can sign up to do this yourself at that site and do the same thing).

You can either comment here or email me at if you want one :)
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Ok, my dog loves those things.